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In addition to having 28 years of UX experience, I am also a decorated and seasoned LX designer. I possess over 30 years of instructional design experience, featuring work in instructor-led education and training, web-based training, and computer-based training. I am fully adept with regard to the science of instructional design and pride myself in delivering optimal learning experiences.

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UCLA: Information Architecture Course

I created the first information architecture course for UCLA’s UX Certification program. Read about my design process and highlights from the course.

RyderShare Training & Knowledge Management Solutions

While providing UX support for Ryder’s logistics SaaS initiative, I determined that the effort could be optimized by including training and knowledge management solutions to support the project. I created training modules and quick reference guides to help with the cause. Visit this section to view some of the artifacts provided.

MSU: Digital Customer Experience Design Course

I was commissioned to design, facilitate, and coordinate the Digital CX Course for the world’s FIRST Customer Experience Master’s program at Michigan State University. Visit this section to learn more about the content and artifacts I created for this learning experience.

UWM: UX 101 Course & Multi-level UX Certification Program

During my time on the UX team at United Wholesale Mortgage (currently the nation’s #1 mortgage lender), I created a multi-level UX certification program. Learn about the associated efforts, highlighting my course and curriculum design acumen.

MyELT Redesign

National Geographic Learning was in need of a redesign of their popular English as a second language website that would modernize the site’s current look and feel and provide a solution that would be compatible with tablets. In addition to providing UX support, I used my knowledge of instructional design to help ensure learner satisfaction.