UX portfolio

This portfolio provides a high-level view of how I operate as a UX professional. It covers a wide range of my responsibilities (design, research, strategy, etc.), a wealth of techniques and methods I have applied (e.g., usability and heuristics, information architecture, UX research, interaction design, and interface design), and a breadth of business types and form factors that I’ve worked with and designed for (Fortune 500, SaaS, E-commerce, desktop, mobile, etc.).

I hope you’re able to find examples that match your organization’s UX needs. Please reach out if you have any questions.

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Serving as the Experience Design Lead, I provided UX design, research, and strategy support and produced several solutions, deliverables, and resources to help drive success for the Ryder Logistics SaaS initiative.

MyELT Redesign

National Geographic Learning was in need of a redesign of their popular English as a second language website that would modernize the site’s current look and feel and provide a solution that would be compatible with tablets.

Evolve Diagnostic Redesign

Following a previous failed attempt to deploy a reliable diagnostic solution, the team at Bosch attempted to create a new tool that would overcome past deficiencies and attempt to regain customer trust, with a user-centered focus and UX helping to lead the charge.

Fathead E-Commerce Conversion Project

As a member of Rocket Mortgage’s UX Team, I was assigned the responsibility of helping to resolve some critical conversion issues discovered with Fathead.com’s custom canvas print offering.

Sherwin-Williams UX Research Process Design

As the first UX Research Manager for Sherwin’s Corporate operations, our team was in need of a process to help provide working structure, as well as setting a consistent set of expectations for our stakeholders. This effort explains my role in bringing this organizational initiative to fruition.

Thought Leadership

For several years, I have served as a trusted voice in the world of UX and called upon to address UX communities on a global scale about various topics of interest. I’m also the host of “The World of UX with Darren Hood” podcast. An overview of several activities is provided via the link, below.