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The Purpose, Importance & Potential Impact of UX Maturity

UX maturity has been addressed for years, with several models available for review and consideration. We have also only focused on organizational UX maturity and how it addresses the work. In this talk, Darren presents a hypothesis declaring how we’ve barely scratched the surface and challenges the UX community to begin thinking about areas that can and should be impacted by UX maturity efforts. View this talk for a brief overview of UX maturity, to review its importance, and to learn about its potential impact and breadth of reach should we engage and step outside the box we’ve crafted for ourselves.

The Need for Emotional Intelligence in UX

For years, the field of UX focused on methods, methodologies, artifacts, and deliverables. This talk and mini-workshop shifts focus, providing an overview of various aspects of emotional intelligence, the challenges and issues it can help you overcome, how it can impact your projects, and how it optimizes relationships with stakeholders and teammates.

UX Strategy Masterclass

This talk was delivered for UX Joburg (Johannesburg, South Africa) in July 2020. In this talk, Darren extends beyond stereotypical mindsets about UX Strategy to present a more holistic approach that benefits UX practices as a whole, the business’s UX maturity level, and individual practitioner engagement. It simply isn’t enough to just focus on how to get the job done.

The Garrison of Excellence (TEDx IIT Patna)

We often have to face different hardships. In many instances, lots of people give up but having a passion for excellence means that we NEVER give up. In this talk Darren urges TEDx attendees to work passionately and always be committed to our goals. He also explains the difference between success and excellence and explains some of the hidden benefits of subscribing to that mindset.

Overcoming the Mirage of UX Ambiguity

UX has been in the mainstream for 20+ years. One would think its understanding would be more widespread, but several factors have limited mass UX maturity. To complicate matters more, many people feel UX is a void of standards and unity among top-level practitioners. Is UX undefined? Is UX an enigma? Is the discipline in a tailspin? This talk will provide some much needed clarity.